Retirement Seminars and Webinars take a step-by-step approach to the retirement process and explain what happens after you submit your application. We explain your benefits, survivor options, group life insurance, loan repayment provisions, and the taxability of your pension. There is also a brief discussion of State Health Benefits Program and School Employees’ Health Benefits Program coverage in retirement. Sessions are approximately 2½ to 3 hours in duration which includes the Q&A period.

If you register to attend be sure to do the following:

  • Be sure the seminar or webinar you select is for your retirement system(PERS or TPAF)
  • You should complete and print an Estimate of Retirement Benefits using the Member Benefits Online System (MBOS). Retirement estimates are notprovided at the seminar. Estimates obtained from MBOS are the same estimates that are obtained when visiting the Division’s offices and use identical salary and service information.
  • Bring your estimate to the seminar so you can follow along during the presentation.
  • To register with MBOS go to: www.state.nj.us/treasury/pensions/mbosregister.shtml and follow the registration instructions.
  • Check the seminar location: Directions

Retirement Seminars are designed for members who are planning for retirement

Note: Members applying for ordinary disability or accidental disabilityretirement
should schedule an individual appointment for disability retirement counseling.

Space is limited for classroom sessions!  Register today!

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