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Please Sign and Share for Fair Funding

Please sign this petition to show your support for New Jersey meeting its obligations under the current funding formula and rejecting Chris Christie’s ill-conceived attempt to deprive deserving students of adequate resources.

Further, Christie’s call for the court to override tenure, which guarantees due process and protection from political interference, and negotiated contracts demonstrates his lack of understanding of what is great about New Jersey’s public schools.

To: Gov. Chris Christie and NJ State Board of Education

We, the undersigned, share a vision of public community schools in New Jersey offering wraparound services to enhance opportunity. We want our schools to offer a full, rich, diverse curriculum with arts, music and physical education.

All our children deserve a world-class public education. Our state has the obligation to fully fund our schools and provide a thorough and efficient education to every student. Let’s all work together to demand a quality education for our students so they have the opportunity to learn, grow and develop as citizens.

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